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Chap Stique Departs from Family Force 5

Derek Mount aka Chap Stique is departing from Family Force 5 after 11 and half years and 11 albums. Below is the offical letter from his Facebook page to you the fans. We wish Derek all the best in his future endeavors.

Dear friends,
It is with genuine love and gratitude that I wish to share a major life update: roughly six weeks ago, I spoke with Jacob, Josh, Nathan, and Teddy, and informed them that I was making a decision to leave FF5 upon completion of the Roadshow tour. Therefore, the 4/2 concert in Baltimore was my final show.
Although this has easily been one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made, please know that it was made with deep contemplation and prayer. I am truly at peace with this new chapter of life, and with the guys in the band.

These last eleven and a half years have been an incredible blessing, and I will continue to look fondly upon the memories that have been cultivated with all of you. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the beautiful support you have shown us in different ways: sharing your cozy beds and air mattresses when we were about to sleep in the van; cooking homemade meals for us while we were saving for the dollar menu at Wendy’s; posting hilarious youtube videos of your 3-year-olds wobbling, chainsaw-ing, and going bzrk; driving countless hours with your friends to spend your hard-earned money watching some wildly-dressed, mullet-headed kids from Atlanta do handstands on drumsets; and caring for us in so many additional generous behaviors that would be impossible to acknowledge in a social media post.
Please continue to show love to the band, and make sure to listen to the new album (whenever it comes out, and whatever it ends up being called)! It is honestly the most special record on which I’ve ever had the opportunity to participate.

So what is next? After a therapeutic week of shredding Led Zeppelin and Radiohead songs in my room, I will continue to compose music for film/TV projects, write/record with other artists, finish a new synthscore project called Juno Kids (with one of my best friends, Philip Zach), create more Brique a Braq pieces, and dream of a few other wild ideas.

At the risk of repeating myself, I want to express my most sincere gratitude to God, my wife Sarah, my family, FF5, our crew, and all of you beautiful people for allowing five sweaty guys to beat their beat-up instruments into the ground for such a long time. There are far too many people that deserve thank-you’s to list each by name, and if you’re reading this…you are one of them. We are deeply blessed. Please don’t be a stranger.

Faith, hope, and love
Derek Mount

Website - http://www.derekmount.com/

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