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What is HD Radio?


Your radio dial is branching out.


HD Radio is “High Definition Radio,” the new digital standard for radio broadcasting. It gives us the abilty to broadcast The Joy FM on 91.5 HD1, Joy Praise on 91.5 HD2 and LF Radio on 91.5 HD3 in clear digital quality making static, radio hiss and fuzz a thing of the past.


How It Works


By broadcasting digitally over traditional radio waves, a single frequency is now capable of delivering up to four stations of content in crystal clear sound. All you do is tune in to your favorite station and your HD Radio receiver will automatically lock in to the HD1 signal for that station. One notch over on the dial and you’re listening to entirely new content on the HD2, a second notch over and your lock on to the HD3. Additionally the digital signal provides on-screen information such as: album art, song info, traffic and weather.




  • What is HD Radio technology?

    HD Radio technology is the digital broadcast of your local AM/FM stations. Many of your favorite stations broadcast a digital signal that allows you additional features that wouldn't exist on an Analog signal.
  • Do all radios receive an HD Radio signal?

    No, In order to receive the digital signal, you must have an HD Radio receiver. Visit the 'Get A Radio' section of HDRadio.com to see what receivers are available.
  • Where can I find a receiver?

    HD Radio receivers are available at Electronics retailers (i.e. Best Buy, Radio Shack, Walmart) and online. To see a full list of retailers, visit the 'Get A Radio' section of HDRadio.com.
  • Is an HD Radio broadcast the same as Satellite Radio?

    No, HD Radio technology enables local AM & FM broadcasters to offer better sound and additional digital content for free. Satellite radio offers select programming across a national footprint for a monthly subscription fee.
  • What happens if I lose the HD Radio signal?

    If your HD Radio tuner loses the station's digital signal, it will automatically switch over to the analog signal broadcast at the same frequency. There may be a slight break in the sound when this happens. When the tuner is back in range of your station's HD Radio signal, it will automatically go back to the digital broadcast.